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Vanilla Glen


vanilla glen body spray among lavender

We enjoy using Weleda’s Sage Deodorant from Azure Standard. Its scent is subtle, it works, and a little goes a long way. Once the pretty glass bottle is finished, we fill it with a combination of vanilla and essential oils in a base of vodka. The vanilla and oils have a warm, woodsy scent; the vodka kills bacteria.

essential oils used to make the body spray

We call it Vanilla Glen.

glen (noun): a narrow, deep valley, often among mountains

clouds gathering at the top of the valley

While it is effective as a deodorant and refreshing fragrance on ourselves, it can also be used on clothes, shoes, etc. (Note: Have care using it on light-colored material--the vanilla may stain.) Vanilla Glen has become our go-to spray for a fresh start to the day or as a quick pick-me-up after working in the gardens, especially when the temperature starts to rise.


Vanilla Glen

The warmth of home with the brightness of the outdoors

Fill a 3.4 ounce bottle with the following:

1 tablespoon vanilla extract, four fold

10 drops Nature’s Alchemy lavender essential oil

8 drops Aura Casia balsam fir needle essential oil

7 drops BioMed Balance frankincense essential oil

7 drops BioMed Balance clary sage essential oil

5 drops Aura Casia cypress essential oil

3 drops Nature’s Alchemy bergamot essential oil

2 drops Nature’s Alchemy geranium essential oil

Fill to the top of the bottle with 80-proof vodka

The oils will rise to the surface while it rests, so shake well before each use.

vanilla glen body spray and a fir tree

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