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Rugged Peaks and Layers of Blue

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

pine-covered ridges and the snowy mountain

Last Sunday evening we took advantage of a break in the schedule to make the short drive deeper into the mountains. In the rush and routine of our daily lives, it is easy for us to forget that we are just minutes away from stunning beauty and breathtaking landscapes. After ten minutes of blacktop, the road turned to gravel, then loose rock, and then mud. We climbed steadily up the valley, glimpsing layer upon layer of wooded hills through the pines that lined the road.

mountain foothills

As we neared our destination, the road became so rough that we decided to get out and walk the rest of the way. It had already been a hot June in the valley below, but up on the mountaintop the evening was cool and there was a steady breeze blowing the scents of dust, mud, pines, and wildflowers.


sunset through the pine trees

We lingered on the mountaintop watching the setting sun make iridescence in the clouds one of the mountains. The light slanted low across the meadow, catching the bobbing heads of glacier lilies that had emerged as soon as the snow melted. When the sun finally slipped behind the jagged, rocky peaks, it reflected a pink glow into the sky that illuminated the western slopes of the snow-topped mountains in the distance. We turned our steps back down the trail and watched the strawberry moon come up over the pines. These photos are a tribute to those mountains—to those rugged peaks and layers of blue—but even more they are in praise to the Great Artist who has created such beauty.

a rainbow in the clouds above the mountain

Glacier Lilies

Sunset on the ridges and two mountains

water reflects the sunset


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