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Coconut Gelato


coconut gelato in the homestead kitchen

In the spring of the year we have a wonderful problem: too many eggs. We share some, sell some, and seek ideas for incorporating them into our diet. After we got ducks several years ago, I began experimenting with ways to make our own ice cream using a custard base. Now, several iterations later, we enjoy homemade ice cream regularly. Because of the custard base and the addition of guar gum, the consistency is more like that of gelato—dense and creamy. I like to use duck eggs rather than chicken eggs for this recipe because of their richness, but chicken eggs will work just fine.

We have several family-favorite gelato recipes now; coconut is one of them. This recipe makes about a quart and a half. Note: This year I purchased a Rada whip from Azure Standard. Its design is perfect for keeping the bottom and sides of the pan clean; I use it from start to finish on this recipe.

Coconut Gelato

*Blend together:

½ cup organic cane sugar

½ cup coconut cream powder

1/3 cup milk powder

1 teaspoon guar gum

¼ teaspoon powdered stevia

A pinch of sea salt

the dry ingredients

Add and blend together well:

4 eggs

working together the wet and dry ingredients

When mixture is smooth, add:

3 cups whole milk and blend until smooth

Cook in a double boiler, stirring constantly, until the mixture reaches between 160 and 165 degrees. (If you heat it beyond 165 degrees, the mixture will separate. It will still be tasty, but the texture will be grainy, not smooth and creamy.)

cooking the ice cream batter in a double boiler

Remove from heat and stir in:

1 cup cream

1 teaspoon vanilla

Chill for several hours and then freeze according to your ice cream freezer’s instructions. (We use a Donvier hand-crank freezer for ice cream and frozen yogurt recipes.)

chilling the ice cream batter in the refrigerator

Another favorite using this basic recipe is to reduce the milk by a cup and add a 20-ounce can of pineapple tidbits, including the juice.

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